Maine people have a reputation of hard work and ingenuity, and ice harvesting was one result of that Yankee trait. Children today will grow up knowing little about how their ancestors survived in this climate. The Thompson Ice House Museum and the Amthor Stone Welter Outdoor Museum Board stand to educate all of us about the work of surviving in Maine, beginning nearly two hundred years ago.

Supported by contributions, and continued work by the Volunteer TIHC Board of Directors, the Thompson Ice House Corporation continues its mission of historical preservation, education and giving back to the community.

We welcome volunteers to assist at events and as docents at the museum.

Please Join Us! Make a donation in any amount to:
The Thompson Ice House
P.O. Box 216
South Bristol, Maine 04568

Board of Directors

Kenneth Lincoln, President
George Manchester, Vice President/Managing Director
Caril-Anne Crockett Lincoln, Treasurer/Secretary

June Bourne,  Joseph Guttentag, Barbara Ikalainen, Jon Kelsey, Kyle Lincoln, Shirley McDowell, Steven McDowell, Andrea Mildrum, Edgar Thompson

Honorary Directors:
Ramona Thompson Gaudette, Barbara Hamlin, Ellen Shew










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